Friday, 25 February 2011

I'm Your Fan

Is it wrong to be in love with an electric fan? There's a (small) none materialistic part of me that's yelling "yes, it's wrong! Love your friends, your family, your boyfriend, your neighbours even love Johnny Depp but don't love an electric fan"...The rest of me thinks it's fine - love the fan, lust after it, it is indeed a thing of beauty which will be a valid long term addition to your home. I'm praying I get a bonus this year so that I can buy it please keep your fingers crossed for me.

otto fan

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


There was no "Up the Wooden Hill to Bedfordshire" in our house. No slow, languid march up to dreamland. In our house stairs were Jolly Dancers. At bedtime my Mum would say to us "Up the Jolly Dancers". The phrase sparked something in my sister and I and we would run sprite of foot up those Jolly Dancers to a world of fantastic foxes and giant peaches. A world where a scullery maid could be a princess for the night and animals of all types sailed the sea together.

My Mum still says it now - to my niece, I heard her say it once whilst visiting and I looked at my niece's face; searching for that familiar spark of excitement. It wasn't there. My heart, however, sang with delight. And my niece? My sister and her family are moving to a ground floor flat in a few weeks time.....

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